What I love about you… 1 year

Lydia 1 year

Good morning birthday girl!

We always take a birthday morning photo with dad.

Happy Birthday Miss Lydia!

Pumpkin muffin still a winner in your book!

You’re telling me how excited you are to make your handprint in your Tower of Time

Daddy wasn’t home to get the in-process pics of you making your handprint…

but it pretty much went like this… you were more into grabbing all clay out rather than just making an impression… but I like it! and we can still see your hand :-)

I love the awesome hugs you’ve learned how to give! You crawl up in my lap and give me free hugs all the time!
I love seeing you learn and explore. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing my children do this!
-you’re getting very good at picking up your finger food with your thumb and finger instead of your whole hand.
-excellent at going up the stairs (we’ve worked on going down but you aren’t interested in going that direction yet)
-you’ve learned to stand up whenever and where ever you want! (we just have to watch for when you decide to stand up in the window seat)
I love that you still love music! And still have your own little dance with your arms and hands like you did way back when you were 4 mo in music class!
I love that you still take two naps a day! I know this won’t last much longer but I’m enjoying every day of it! And I esp. love that you get up from your second nap before you brother and we get to have one on one time everyday!
I love it that you still often crawl over to me just to sit on my lap!
I love holding your hands and walking around with you practicing your walking skills… which I know you’re going to breakout and show us soon!
I love your joyful nature!
I love hearing you imitate all Aaron’s silly noises and sounds.
I love watching Aaron try all sorts of things to make you laugh and always succeeding!
I love how you understand so many signs… and are starting to sign some back to us!
I love reading you books!
I love your crazy love of bath time! I’m sure it comes from your home water birth beginning. You are without a doubt at home in the water!

Happy Birthday sweet Lydia! We love you so much!!
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  • Denise

    Beautiful, all of you, you are doing a great job at being a mom.