A camping story.

This past weekend we went camping. Not even tire trouble was going to stop our fun.

It was a time for learning…

how to be safe around a fire

that camping makes little boys dirty

that Lydia has an excellent fake cry that sometimes look fairly believable (and that the mornings were COLD!)

but coffee makes everybody feel better!

It’s an understatement to say Aaron enjoyed camping. I’m confident he could live this way forever! Most of the time he was on his Strider. (he’d even ride it INTO the bathrooms!) And often pretended to pull the camper with it.

Here are a few other shots from our weekend… (somehow I missed getting in any myself.)

walking practice with grandma

the happy couple! (sorry about the campfire smokey look)

http://www.soothininfusion.com/ sun tea!

Uncle Ben bonding with Lydia

2nd breakfast

reluctant for a photo, but I got one of the brothers

cooking salmon on the fire!


We hope to do this again soon! But I will be packing more warm clothing! (the day I packed it was HOT so I was more prepared for warm weather camping!)

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  • jmquilts

    I love seeing your pictures! :) I wondered how you fared as it was so cold, windy, & rainy here.