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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Outside my window
…is a steady rain, rain that we very much needed. This morning we woke to a warm 70 degrees and a giant storm blowing in. We were prepared and ready to go to the lowest part of the house but the storm fizzled.

I am thinking...
…that my break from blogging has been nice. My posts might continue to be few and far between for awhile still. Being AFK (away from keyboard) has been very enjoyable! (But I’m still at everydayphoto daily if you need a fix.)

I am thankful for
…no storm damage.
…cloth diapers and no need for diaper runs to the store.
…the very very old and used, yet fabulous, generation 1 iphone that has recently come into my possession. (I use it as an “itouch” b/c we don’t have any kind of phone plan for it.)
…the windows open this OCTOBER 26th!
…my husband’s new job! His first day with be 11/15!

I am praying for…
… all of our grandparents. all of them.

From the kitchen
…our Green Bean delivery has been delivered for the week and put away.
…My Sue Gregg cookbook, Meals in Minutes, is open as I debate which meals to make in the coming weeks. I’m going to attempt to write a rough menu plan. Attempt number 276, but who knows maybe 277 will stick!

I am creating
…lists. I’m always creating lists. current lists: camping checklist and general house maintenance.
…a cleaner house. I’m in the thick of my Fall Clean!

I am going
…give in and go to the store to buy some nail polish remover. I recently recieved some fabulous nail polish as a gift! (The polish I had been using doesn’t need remover you just soak it in water.) If you know me you know I like painting my nails, and also that I DO NOT like to leave it on if it starts to chip. It looks hideous! Never been this bad.

I am reading
…the Bible (I’m ahead in my yearly-thru-the-Bible plan!)
…The Wide Wide World (Lamplighters book. First published in 1850. gotta love those old books!)
…and lots and lots and lots of Jamberry and The Big Red Barn. Miss Lydia’s handing one or the other of these to me 100 times a day!

I am hoping
…I start craving exercise soon. I’ve started P90X again and I haven’t got to that point of love yet. This is week 2, so I’m past the “hurts-to-move” phase thankfully. Now it’s just the “sore-all-over” phase, which is much better!

I am hearing
…the washer and drier.
…loud neighbors who need muffler repairs.

Around the house…

One of my favorite things…
…fall colors and smells!


…if and when we’ll be able to move closer to my husband’s office. So much precious time is being spent on the commute.
…if I will return to facebook in 2011.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
…mini prayer and planning retreat (hopefully)
…hair cut!!!
…CAMPING! (with my family and some of their friends)

Here is a picture for thought…

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  • melanie

    Love Jamberry and Big Red Barn =)
    ~ and moms who are smart enough to take blog breaks!

  • Conny

    OH ME TOO – I love JAMBERRY!!! I had given our board book of it away :( and now I want to go find it for Miss M — maybe on amazon w/ my SWAGBUCKS. :)