a little update

I’m still doing too much…

because I can’t get it all done in a 24 hour day.

I feel like doing this.

Or relaxing with a good book like this! (I’m reading Little Women for the first time for our book club!)

But this week will be a short week.

David’s first week at his new job has gone great! He’s excited to go back for a second… any many, many more!

Granny is here for a 2 week visit (!!!!) And she’s helped me (we’ll I didn’t do much) catch up on ALL the laundry. (and she’s coming back again tomorrow to help more… b/c we keep wearing clothes and the piles keep growing.) I wish she lived closer. And not just to help me with laundry. :-) I love having someone here to visit with during the day! Always a fun treat for me!

PLUS, she taught me to embroider! Just like her mom taught her! Not that I have lots and lots (or even just one “lots”) of time to sit and do this, but I’ve wanted to learn this skill. It’s on my list of homemaking things to teach Lydia.

And speaking of Lydia, I think she’s teething.

I’m guessing 1 year molars :-( She’s not feeling the greatest. But look how cute she was today for church!

She’s constantly on the move. But I love it! She’s starting to sign more and let me know exactly what she wants!

In preparation for the coming holiday weekend and the guests we have visiting, David has been checking off home improvements left and right! He finished grouting and sealing the tile on the porch last weekend.

It’s so pretty and bright out there!

And this weekend he finished drywall and wainscotting in the bathroom downstairs and started laying the tile in there! It’s so exciting to see! We borrowed the tile cutters from my dad last night so maybe this week the bathroom will get the toilet finally installed!

Aaron’s busy like always.

He’s getting so tall! (I think I’ll be saying this for many, many years to come.)

He and David take many trips each week to see all the construction vehicles around the corner. The main road by us is in the middle of a 1.5 year long project. Diggers galore! Detours galore.

So there’s a glimps of what’s going on over here.

What’s new with you?

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  • Conny

    Lydia looked so sweet in her little hat :) And yes, you'll be saying "they are getting SO tall" for a long time. My Andrew is 12 now & almost as tall as ME… he REALLY IS getting so tall. *sigh*
    PS I recognized the Jamberry book in the pic w/ Lyida … I need to (re)get that one for Miriam! :)

  • Granola Mom’s Hubby

    WHat a totally fun post!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, you guys are really doing a lot of stuff on the house. I can't wait for you to move closer to me!!! My little women book got shipped yesterday. OK, back to organizing. by the way, Brian is signed in so it may show him instead of little ol granola mom . . . I'm too lazy to change the setting.

  • Gwynne

    Your mom was proudly showing off a picture of Miss L in her church outfit at the Thanksgiving dinner at church last night. I love the shoes and hat, and I love her little hair clip in the picture with her cup. She's such a little lady! Glad Mr. A's gotten some entertainment from the construction vehicles. That's about the only benefit we've seen from that mess so far. :p