Our table BEFORE…

and AFTER our Thanksgiving meal.

We enjoyed a very yummy, mostly traditional, Thanksgiving meal. This is my 3rd year making a turkey… I think I might have to make it more often… it’s GOOD! And actually pretty easy! No reason to do this just once a year!

And an interesting, related fact… our wedding reception meal was a Thanksgiving meal… even though it was in August!

I wasn’t alone in the kitchen, my mother-in-law and I tag-teamed the meal. We enjoyed our new open floor plan! Plenty of room to move, cook, and visit!

This year I made up my own cranberry-applesauce recipe. I’ll admit did look up a recipe for it… but then I just wing-ed it…wung it?… can I say that? I always try to tackle the cranberries and make them taste… not so cranberry-y. (This is the recipe I started with if you’re curious.) Our our mashed potatoes were sporting orange this year… we mixed in a few sweet potatoes. They turned out fantastic! I highly recommend try it!

Our meal was followed by… a post Thanksgiving meal family favorite of ours… board games! This year our friends taught us Ticket to Ride But I’ll admit I didn’t get a chance to participate… two certain little loves ones needed my attention.

Little Miss Lydia has had a bad cold and has been pretty miserable. She’s fallen asleep in dad’s arms several times. Which is VERY rare for either of my children after… oh… about weeks three of their life. But none of us mind all the snugly moments that it has created. Especially her dad!

Hope you all enjoyed some time with family this long weekend!

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