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For today: Wednesday January 26, 2011

Outside my window… mid-winter says Hello! It’s 26 with possible flurries coming our way.

I am thinking… so many things. Wondering why our van doesn’t work on days I need it, but does when we plan on staying home. Why is seems to have it’s biggest problems on Wednesdays when I need to go to Awana. Wondering what was God’s plan in having us miss a family get-together this past weekend? Wondering if we’ll find out buyer for our house and a new house for us in this crazy market. Thinking about Colossians. (I changed my mind am memorizing this book this year instead of Philippians, like I previously mentioned.) It’s really not too hard to memorize when you think about the words all the time. :-)

I’m creating… a spreadsheet for listing box numbers and their contents. …a year in review letter for 2010. …a clean computer desk. finally. it’s my biggest hot spot of clutter so I really would rather avoid it… but I’m working on it. slowly but surely. …my fifth year of my photo-a-day project.

I am going… finish up some laundry, make dinner then maybe read some …if it turns into a long nap day!

I am thankful… that the stomach bug finally left our house. …for Sunday School teachers for my children so I can sit in church together with my husband. (and that they both very much enjoy their classes!) …my book club friends! …my new warm boots.

From the kitchen… humus is in the works. (chickpeas are soaking)

I am hoping… for long days :-) b/c my days in the “twenties” are almost over! :-O :-O Ahhhh! Might be going into hibernation here soon. Seriously. I’m not joking. :-)

I am reading… Matthew …studying Colossians …The Chosen (for book club) Just finished A Lantern In Her Hand… which still has me thinking.

I am hearing… the dishwasher finish up and the CD Blink by Revive.

Around the house… decluttering, organizing and pre-packing prep. Yesterday I officially packed our first boxes. I don’t know when we’re moving but I’m going to be ready!

One of my favorite things… the really really very very old iphone (the original version) that my BIL gave my husband… who gave to me (when he got something nicer.) We don’t have a phone plan or anything but I use it as an itouch. So convient! I just learned how to put my own songs on it! I have Chuck Misslers study on Colossians and a bunch of learning games for the kids! So handy! Who would have thought the old hand-me-down-out-of-date iphone (that was dropped in coffee) would STILL work despite some bubbles in the screen and LOTS of scratches! Thanks Ben and David!

A few plans for the rest of the week… Awana tonight, book club tomorrow night and who knows what else?

A few photos for sharing…

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  • melanie

    Sarah, Sarah, Sarah ~ No need to hibernate. You are in your PRIME, young lady! Oh to be 30 again…

    Hope your week has gone well!

  • Gwynne

    Excited for you with the prospects of a new home but selfishly sad that it means you will be moving away from us. Sigh…

    See you tonight!