February Sensory Bin

When I was visiting Jodi and saw her Sensory Bin I knew I had to make one of these awesome bins-of-fun! She then pointed me to others who were also in on this fantastic idea for little ones! My mom has even joined in the fun now and is helping me find items to fill our bin!

It was the perfect thing to pull out as we sat waiting for the ice storm.

They loved it.

Lydia particularly loved the jar of buttons. Yes, she is flinging them out of the jar in the photo above.

But she did play nice with them too. She put them in and (nicely) poured them out over and over… and over and over.

Here’s a little glimpse of what they found inside. (Lydia really loved the rings!)

Everything came from the dollar store or Oriental Trade.

It’s been a blessing while I’m working in the kitchen. I love having them close but not under-foot.

Today Aaron found something new in the bin he didn’t know was there yesterday! I don’t even have that much in there! I might still be in the minor leagues of sensory bins (major league right here!) … but I’m getting new ideas every day for future bins!

(Lydia loves hats. It’s not really that cold in our house.) :-)

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  • Jules

    Cute!! So they are able to just play in the box and discover all sorts of treasures?

    She likes hats? LOVELOVELOVE!! :) I had a hat on Miss K for about her first 3 months. And the impact of that JUST hit me while reading your post. 😉 (I also used to make her a new church outfit on Saturdays and that came back to haunt me too. haha!)

  • Jodi

    I wanna come and play! Very cute! Love the bin — reminds me that I need to make our new one!