Sarah simply hasn’t been blogging much this past month.

I’ve been doing all sorts of other things!

As of yesterday I’ve read 5 books! FIVE. This year I’m going to remember to update my goodreads.

Our book club core met to talk about this years reading. I’m excited.

I’ve been recovering (hence all the books) from 2010. It was a rough year. Let’s not go there. (Five books are a TON for me. But I am getting better are reading quickly. Also, not blogging in the evenings really freed up my reading time!)

I’ve been packing and cleaning and sorting and decluttering. It’s never too early for spring cleaning, right?

I’ve been re-working some of my organization and housekeeping routines. Monday and Friday are heavy cleaning days. It’s freed up the rest of my week and my weekend to do things other than clean.

We’ve been having true Sabbath rest! This has been huge! And turns out I love all the extra planning and prep I need to do beforehand! Who-would’a-thought! I really look forward to Sunday’s.

I’m still working on memorizing Colossians. And realizing more and more how much of a big thing this is to memorize a whole book. (eek!) BUT it gives me the perfect thing to meditate on while doing the every day things like folding laundry and dishes. (Remembering the verse number is trickier than I thought it’d be. I like to just say the words. I need to change my mindset that the numbers are “in the way” :-) )

And because this post has been void of photos…

David took this yesterday when he was getting ready to leave. This is where we ALL sit and wave when he leaves. It’s an every-day-ritual-kinda-thing. (He was just starting his car when he took this… we really do ALL sit (or stand) in the window and wave.)

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  • melanie

    Kudos again, Sarah! It sounds like you are choosing well.

    Have a great February ~♥~