Where I’ve been

a classic example of my missing blogs:

The oh-so-well-known-turn-your-back-for-a-second move and…

Lydia gets both hands in the peanut butter jar and then wipes them all over a blanket.

My sweet little girl (who turns 17 months old today) is busy.

Yes, all kids are busy, and I’m not (at all) saying she’s busier than any of your kids, but she IS busier than Aaron ever was… which is a new level of tot-busy for me.

She keeps my on my toes… which keeps my toes out from under the computer desk where I blog.

She’s always fun and very entertaining! I can’t imagine my days without her.

Still loves her books… which is where I find her when all is quite and we ask “where’s Lydia?” She’s in her room on her chair looking at books. So maybe she has equal parts sitting, reading time with busy-into-everything time. :-) Today we enjoyed almost a half hour of reading one book after another!

And now, while both kids are in bed (not sleeping…yet… but in bed) I’m going to read.

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