"ice cream"

One of the MANY reasons to make your own popsicles…

…when the ice cream truck drives by on a hot sunny day, reminding your son that a cold treat does sound like a good idea, you can zip in to the freezer and come out with a healthy less expensive cold yummy treat!

This particular treat, I believe, was a straight up Traders Point Creamery banana mango yogurt-pop… but any flavor of fruit combo and a little coconut water, yogurt, or kefir in the Vitamix (or blender) works like a charm too!

He’s growing SO fast! Can you believe that big boy there is only three and a half years old?!!

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  • Jodi

    CUTE pictures!!!!!!!!

  • Kristen McG

    I was just thinking that he looked so grown up!! Where has the time gone…? man! Love the idea of the homemade Popsicles. :)

  • Gwynne

    I can't believe you wouldn't want him going up to a scary ice cream truck that says, "Hellooooo" in between songs as it drives through the neighborhood. :) That thing gives me the creeps. The homemade popsicle treats are definitely a MUCH better idea!

  • Jules

    Is it the muscle shirt or is that boy bulking up? Handsome!! :)

  • Hannah

    He IS huge!