Father’s Day

A few shots from our very happy Father’s Day!

Father and son.

A relationship I will never fully grasp. Sometimes I have to leave the room when they are “playing,” I’m too worried someone is going to get hurt… but I think that’s just what they do and how they interact. :-)

Father and daughter.

This almost 2 year old was a tad on the squirmy side! And a huge fan of this man! Wanting him to read her bedtime stories and push her on her bike… ALOT.

(and for the record, if your curious… we had a busy and rough Thursday and Friday (in life, not potty training) and have put potty training on hold for a short time. NOT how I had planned things to go… :-) but isn’t that just how things go? Praying I don’t throw off her groove and she is ready to ‘go’ when I am more prepared and few things mellow out.)

You should hear the high pitched squeals when this man walks in the door!! I’m sure our neighbors can hear them!

We hoped to get a family one… and technically that is Aaron you see behind David’s shoulder. Next time we’ll get all of us in there… and smiling…. maybe.

We had a great family day and get to extend the holiday some when we celebrate Father’s day with my dad later this week and David’s dad next week!

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