Father’s Day continued

Last night we celebrated Father’s Day with my dad.

My children were in rare and animated form…

Aaron and Lydia helped me color the wrapping paper for grandpa’s present.
I think she thought it was for her.
She just happened to be sitting next to grandpa.
And had the patience of a one year old waiting for him to open it.

And not so thrilled he got a La Plancha. :-) Although I think he was!

Aaron’s way of waiting patiently. (The faces, oh the many faces he makes these days!)

Getting ready for a dad-and-daughter photo… Aaron runs over and says “Wait, your forgetting someone, and that someone is ME!” Love how much he makes me laugh!

The dad-and-daughter shot.

Grandpa-and-grandkids shots.

flying and running.
Now that I think about it… I think it must have been Aaron’s shirt. :-) But he wanted to match Grandpa!

just visiting and enjoying the great outdoors.

And no one can get out of this house… or yard… without a deep talk of something philosophical or theological.

Am I right? Who’s reading this that knows this to be true??

Really?! Who’s had a philosophical or theological discussion with this father of mine?

I remember walking through Home Depot (or maybe Lowe’s… but I think I see orange in this memory) and discussing the history of the church, different denominations and what they believe.

One of many, many memories like this.

Thanks for all you taught and continue to teach, dad!! I’ll always ask you questions… trying to stump you. (I haven’t succeeded yet!)

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