Lydia vs. The Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is a fun tool I use for pre-writing skills and it’s just a fun sensory exploration…

Aaron loves it!

Lydia, well, the pictures will speak for themselves…

He was having so much fun he was oblivious to her apparent misery.

(Hint: If you want to try this with any children in your life any type of shaving cream works great, jell or regular. And often you can find it very cheap at dollar stores. We do like the female scents better than the men’s… it’s VERY strong smelling! Bonus: if they play long enough it rubs away and is easier to clean up. Trays or pans like this also help (somewhat) to contain the mess.)

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  • Jules

    Oh phooey! Just give her some markers. :)

  • Conny

    awwwwwwwwwww, bless Miss Lydia's heart … she looks so upset!!! That's how Miriam was acting about the recent band-aid on her finger after a finger prick at the doctor office. DISTRESS!!!!!!!

  • melanie

    ha ha =) My RL friend Sarah has pics of her 2yo with finger paints at vbs last month… Toddler Torture! Get it OFF me, Mama!