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For today: August 2nd 2011 ...AUGUST! You sure snuck up on me!

Outside my window: the sun is just coming up. I love how fast the smallest peek of the sun chases away the dark night so fast.
I am thinking: that two days into my new plan of getting up very early is just about the best thing! I used to always get up when the first number on the clock was a five. Loving it. It’s like you get a head start on everyone else.
I am thankful for: my husband’s job that allows me to stay home. And for YL oils that can help a feverish boy.
In the kitchen: kombucha is brewing, the dishwasher is running. (I loaded it last night, put the soap in… and then didn’t start it. sheesh.)
I am creating: a few small paintings for a very belated friends birthday present. I’m also creating order and reorganizing the laundry room: aka homeschool storage central.
I am going to: finish sorting through toys today. Yesterday we moved ALL the kids books to one bookshelf and put the toys (that used to be stored on the said BOOKshelf) into bins so we can have all our toys on a rotating system. Me thinks this will work wonderfully!
I am wondering: how late my family will continue to sleep.
I am reading: A Girl Named Zippy for book club and studying Matthew with Precept upon Precept
I am hoping: (and praying!) Lydia and the rest of us do not get the fever that sprang up on Aaron yesterday.
I am looking forward to: cooler temperatures, our coming WEEK LONG vacation (17 months since a vacation. too long. too long. for this mamma.)
I am hearing: the drier, the dishwasher and the air conditioner all humming away. Boy, am I thankful for their hard and diligent work!
Around the house: people are sleeping and there are no toys to trip on… yet.
One of my favorite things: drinking my tea in the morning without hurrying, without someone bumping me and it spilling and without someone else drinking it!
A few plans for the rest of the week: a swimming play date, (the best kinda playdate!) a bloggy buddy IRL meet up planned!!! and a wedding shower for my sister!!!!
A few photos for sharing:

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  • Dawn

    Hi! Stopping by from SWD. Have a wonderfully blessed day – enjoyed your post, thank you!

  • Marge

    Hi Sarah,
    Those quiet hours in the morning are a blessing for every mother. Thanks for sharing your busy day with me. Hugz!

  • melanie

    Somewhere I heard a little ditty about
    If your kids get up (in the morning) first, they win.
    I don't think it was intended to be so negative, but how much easier it is to keep ahead of them if you're up and ready first : ) I think you've got that figured out!

    Cute face, Aaron ~ Hope he's feeling better soon!

  • Lisa notes…

    August snuck up on me too. Where did July go??? It is definitely a blessing to be able to stay home. I thank God that I’ve been able to do it too. I need to be organizing my homeschool stuff too, for the last year. My baby is a senior. Have a great week and thanks for sharing your Daybook.

  • Jules

    You get up when???? :) Good for you. I was never able to do that. I'm more for staying up late at night after the kids go to bed. When they were little, that is. Now I go to bed first. :)

  • Glo

    I agree with you about the getting up early it defiantly helps me feel like i can get stuff done before work.