Moving tips

We are home from a full week of Smoky Mountain family vacation: full of cabin-living, bear-sightings, alota good food and fun!
(It’s was so ‘smoky’ we couldn’t see a thing at the top!)
BUT… also… this week we sold our house!! (Thank goodness for iPad apps that let you sign papers!! ha!)
And this is the part where YOU come in!! I know I have readers out there. . . HI!!. . . but I rarely hear from any of you. This week I’d like to get some tips on moving, packing, etc. if you’ll share.

Can you help?! Please leave a comment with your #1 best moving tip!
After 8 years in a house we’ve accumulated some things! 😉 It’ll be a bit different than when we moved in with a few college dorm items 8 years ago!
This summer I read (and LOVED) Organized Simplicity. So I’ve already done a huge amount of de-cluttering, sorting and general clean-out. BUT… the idea of moving the whole contents of our house to another is hard to wrap my mind around!
Thank you in advance! Can’t wait to hear all your advice!!
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  • Conny

    Awww, Clingman's Dome!!! I grew up in Knoxville – I miss "home"! Glad you enjoyed the Smokies.
    As for moving tips – well, after moving a gabillion times w/ the military, I have lots of tips but it would depend on how you're moving. We've had people pack for us & found our bathroom items in with our kitchen items and such – which DROVE ME CRAZY!!!! We have moved ourselves twice – and both times we moved over a time period so I could move all my kitchen things directly into my new kitchen – then move all my closet things directly into my new closet, etc …. I guess my biggest tip for any situation is to try to move/box up least used items first (which seems like a DUH thing) – and keep out the essentials & favorites for last. And try to stay organized as you go … you seem like you're that way anyway & you don't have too much clutter so no doubt it will be easier for you. congrats on selling the house!

  • Mozer

    Yeah! So happy to hear you sold your house!

  • Anonymous

    The Unclutterer blog has a whole category on moving, with good tips. I'll just suggest marking the front of every box with contents and destination room, so you can find things if it doesn't all get unpacked right away.

  • Jules

    Well, I've lived here for 23 yrs so I have NO advice but have to say I LOVE the family photos. (and say that I'm here, too. :) )

    So thankful to hear of your house sale… and while on vacation! Doesn't get any better than that!

  • Chic Mama

    In the original Duggar book (I an get th ename for you if you need it) Michelle details an amazing way to pack for a very organized move that can also translate into very organized storage. You should seriously check it out!