I hate to say I’m busy. 

I used to find myself often responding to “how are you?” with “busy.” 
I didn’t like that. 
Last year I focused on simplifying. It was addicting and refreshing. 
This year my theme seems to have been “wait.” 
Which I do. not. do. well. (But I’m working on it.) I think the “wait” portion of my year ended last week when our house sold. This week I’m stepping into a new role at church, and next week we plan to start preschool. 
I don’t know if I have a new word or not yet, but it would be something to the affect of “busy-tizzy.” (If you know me and I tell you I’ve been so busy that I KEEP forgetting to eat… you will truly understand how busy I’ve been.) :-/
Many meetings and appointments happening these days. I’ll try to pop in and update here as we go through this time of change. I’m sad to be leaving this house and area… but we really aren’t planning to move that far away. 
But still. 
This is our first house. We brought Aaron home from the hospital to this house and Lydia was born here. 
Oh… enough of my blaa blaa… here are a few more pictures from our vacation…
 a deck that goes ALL the way around… the perfect mountain race track!
happy cousins.
 pool time. almost every day. (makes a happy momma!)
 the girls.
  Turns out Dollar Store toys for vaca are THE perfect investment! A new one for each day! (These are those pills you soak that grow to little sponge shaped animal.)
 happy cape boy! (Momma forgot the top of the mt. is cold. oops!)
 scuba boys.
making friends.
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  • Jules

    Just .02 from a veteran that has done preschool before…. let.it.slide!! You are moving for pete's sake. :)

    I was wondering how it is going! Praying you feel time to breath & eat. ♥