Five Minute Friday

Joining The Gypsy Mama today


Aaron is growing! He turned four today. He doesn’t use the stairs on the deck anymore. He now climbs over the railing and scales down the side. Growing more adventuresome. It often scares me, but I hold my tongue.

Lydia is growing, faster than anything around me! Her vocabulary is exploding!

Her tree is growing. The one we planted when she was born. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to dig it up to pot in a big pot to plant at our new house.

As I keep boxing up everything I’m getting down to the corners and closets I haven’t seen in maybe 8 years. I’m remembering this house when we first moved in, just married, no kids, different priorities, taste in decorations, etc. I’m growing. 8 years is both long and short. It feels like a year and forever.

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  • Jules

    I do hope you can move the tree! That is so sweet!

    I'm glad you are getting to the last corners. What a relief. :)

  • MomLaur

    They do grow so very fast! (visiting from Gypsy Mama)

  • Julie Anne

    Moving is exciting… hope it goes well for you!
    8 years is long… and short! My oldest is just 8 and I can't remember life before kids! :)

  • Val

    I love that you have a tree hat you planted for your kiddo and that you'er taking it with you. There's a tree at my Daddy's house that I plantd when I as in pre-K. It's something that makes me happy every time I see it.

  • JDaniel4’s Mom

    We planted a tree for JDaniel too. If we ever move, I hope we can take it with us. I hope everything with the move goes well.