We moved!

I know I’ve been pretty quiet here on the blog… And even MORE quiet on my photoblog… But… soon and very soon we will again have Internet!

On the 11th to be exact.

So I guess not THAT soon, but in the mean time you can find me on google+ or twitter. (sarahronk)

Yesterday I looked all over the garage for a box that I later found was already in my bedroom. 😉 Thanks to our wonderful friends and family who helped us move our kitchen and bedrooms are just about done!! Think I might have to have a garage sale for the rest 😉 hehe …just kidding! …kind of.

Our new house is great! Perfect! Exactly what we wanted and more! Can’t wait to share more about it and photos! For now here are a few to tide you over.


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  • Chic Mama

    It's so cute! Picturesque! I love it! Congrats!