10 things…

10 things my Relevant roomates should know about me…

1. Caffeine makes me more talkative… BUT… if it’s late and I’m tired even caffeine just won’t keep my eyes open. I didn’t starting drinking tea or coffee until last year. Seriously. Now I like to start my day with a homemade latte.

2. I’m naturally a morning person, but I can sleep through alarms and multiple snoozes with the best of them. (BUT…I’m excited enough about this conference I don’t think I’ll be oversleeping any day!)

3. I’m pro at fast showers… for real. But I WILL be drying my hair… Not sure anyone’s ever seen it air-dried. scariness. really! (It’s fine hair with an attitude.)

4. I like my things clean and organized but it never bothers me if others aren’t. (Comes from years of sharing a room with my sister -total. opposite. of my neat and orderly ways.)

5. Watching TV or movies at night put me to sleep magically and almost instantaneously. I’ve been this way since High School. Even when I’m really excited to see a movie I usually miss the whole ending.

6. I’m totally introverted. I will love the quiet of our room… BUT I’m going to try to learn AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE so I won’t be hiding out in our room that much.

7. Since my kids were born I’ve only been away with my husband a few times and for only a night or two. This is the first time I’ve been away from them for this many nights and without my husband. (Thank goodness for facetime!)

8. I like to paint my nails… I will probably do this in our room. Sorry in advance for the smell.

9. Speaking of smells… I always travel with some oils (Young Living) especially in hotels. I usually diffuse Thieve and or Purification.

10. I’m so much more excited for this weekend than I’m really showing. SO excited for time away! time in the Word! time w/o cooking and cleaning up! time for growing and learning! SO excited for girls weekend!!! SO excited I’m spending it with you two Jodi and Maureen.

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  • http://www.spelloutloud.com Maureen

    Diffuse the room away! :) I have to blow-dry my hair too. Takes about 3 min. though. Won’t be long now!

  • MacKenzie

    First of all- JEALOUS!

    Second- I LOVE your new diggs!

    PS- I miss out Kay Arthur study! :,-(

  • http://www.mamahall.com Eryn {mamahall}

    i’m curious about the oils! my dad used to always bring a scented candle from home when he traveled and stayed at hotels.
    looking forward to next weekend & meeting you!

    • Sarah

      Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to share more about the oils! I hope we get a chance to meet up at Relevant! Do you have any specific questions or do you just want to know about them in general? We go to oils first for any medical need (trouble sleeping, cranky babies, stomach ache, fever …the list goes on!) or just to wearing as a perfume that’s healthy to even eating them! (Lemon in water is amazing!! Peppermint in chocolate chip cookies is my husband’s FAV!)