35 Books

Our lil ol’ book club Broadened Horizons is on it’s 35th book. Can you believe that?! To some that’s not very many, to others it’s a huge stack! (Check the sidebar for the list of all of them!)

Not to be Pete-Repeat but I know I’ve said this a million-fifty-zillion times…

I used to hate to read.
I was no. good. at. it.
In elementary school I was in a Special-Reading group.

Now I’m SO blessed to be part of a different group now. A group reading great literature.

In 2008 after the birth of my son the idea of Broadened Horizons started growing in me. I wanted to read some of those great books. The ones that have been around for years! The new ones everyone was talking about! The ones I didn’t read in high school or college because I was too busy swimming. BUT… I wanted to read those books AND talk about them with my friends.

Broadened Horizons: Discussing great literature from a Christian world view with the purpose of broadening our horizons.

I can’t (and don’t want to) change the type of books you love, I can’t even make you like the ones we read. The challenge of this book club is to read books that you wouldn’t normally. Often these books are not ones you can finish in a single long, late night. (Although we do love to pick a Young Reader book once a year.) Almost anyone can make time to read one book each month and one night each month. But we are having a growing number to listen to each book as an audiobook! Unabridged, of course 😉

Being a new mom I loved the thought of getting out of the house, visiting with friends (and making new ones!) over a hot mug and to chat about my most recent read. If you aren’t local to the Indy area have you thought about starting a book club with your friends?

I’m thrilled our little book club it still around working on four years! In a few weeks a core group of us will meet to select the books for next year! Can you believe it?! 2012 is RIGHT around the corner!

So my question for you as we prepare to decide on our 2012 books…

What genre of literature do you never or rarely read? Western? Mystery? Science-Fiction? Biographies? other? (Don’t worry… we like to mix it up! Be honest with your answer, I promise not to pick ALL of any genre.) 

I’d love to hear from any of my readers! You don’t have to be a book club member to comment.

Happy Reading,

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