What’s On Your Nightstand?

This month I’m join 5 Minutes for Books to share what’s on my nightstand…

My “nightstand” current reads don’t include any physical books right now (well, except for my Bible, of course!) they are all on my phone… in the form of an audiobook or ebook.

I just finished listening to The Hiding Place. Loved it! Can’t believe I didn’t read this until now! I’m thinking this might show up on our Book Club list for 2012 😉  ((audiobook))

Since I always have an audiobook in my “current reads” I’m now onto Emma by Jane Austen. This is the last Austen book for me to “read”… I won’t say that without the quotes because my sister reads this blog and she’s adamant about people not saying they READ a book if they only listened to it 😉 So far my favorite Austen book is Persuasion, but many have said they like Emma best. We shall see if Persuasion can be topped. I’m not sure it will happen, because to get to Persuasion, it would have to go through P&P and S&S and that just seems crazy. 😉  ((audiobook))

I’m very close to finishing Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P Freeman. I am hoping to finish it before I leave for the Relevant conference (a Christian blogging Conference) where I get to MEET the author IN PERSON!!! I’ve already given this book 5 stars! I will give my full report of the book when I finish… but I’ll just say I gave it 5 stars after reading the first chapter!  ((ebook))

Speaking of blogging… I’m also working my way through the book 31 Days to Finding your Blogging Mojo by Bryan Allain. Funny guy, funny book, good info. After this book and Relevant I hope you’ll be able to see a difference on my blog.  ((ebook))

And so you know that I DO actually read REAL tangible books, the next book on my nightstand is War and Peace… just kidding! 😉 (Although I’d love to tackle that one someday!) My next book is Velma Still Cooks In Leeway by Vinita Hampton Wright. Which also happens to be our November book club selection! If you’re local I hope you can make it to the discussion!

And if… by chance… I finish all these books next I’ll go back to working on The Lamplighter. I’m reviewing for Lamplighter Publishing. I started this book while on vacation a little over a month ago… then we got word our house had an offer… then we had to find a house to buy… and pack… and then we moved… and now… it is today, and I still haven’t returned to this awesome book! (I sorta want to go hide in the backyard under the beautiful October blue sky and stay there until I finish this one! BUT… I know it’s one of those that if I start it again I won’t want to do anything but keep reading! :-) )

My goal in Janurary was to read 30 books this year. Now, since I’ve upgraded to a new phone and am able listen to audiobooks as well, I’ve passed that goal by two! Not sure how many I’ll reach by December 31st but it’s pretty awesome to see myself on the other side of 30… (EEEK! Since next year I will be on the other side of 30! Which is actually 28, right?Right?!… Bueller?… Bueller?….)

Find about what’s on other nightstands over at 5 Minutes for Books!

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  • http://bryanallain.com bryan a

    thanks for the love!

  • http://hopewellmomschoolreborn.blogspot.com/ Lisa@hopewell

    Welcome!! I was almost 50 when I first read (well, LISTENED to) The Hiding Place. I’ll check out “Velma Cooks….” Hope you post again!

  • http://baseballsandbows.com Lauren @ Baseballs and Bows

    I loved all the Austen books. Emma didn’t rank at the top for me, but perhaps it will for you. I’ve never read The Hiding Place. I need to add that to my list.

    I didn’t participate this month, but I am visiting around. Thanks for sharing your list!

    Lauren from 5M4B

  • Melissa Whitesel

    I love lamplighters publishing. We have all the illustrated books. I would like to start collecting the Fireside Books. : )

  • http://www.5minutesforbooks.com Jennifer@5 Minutes for Books


    I squeeze in at least one book a month on audio, and sometimes 3 or more! They really encourage me to do more chores around the house etc. Love them!!

  • http://www.morninglightmama.com morninglightmama

    Thanks for joining us! The Blogging Mojo title sounds fun– I don’t blog as often as I used to now that I’m teaching full-time again, but it’s something that will always be in my heart! :)

    -Dawn, 5M4B

  • http://lifewithmyboysandbooks.wordpress.com Nancy@5M4B

    Welcome to the party! Like Jennifer I’m a big fan of audiobooks, and I disagree with your sister that it’s not reading. It’s still absorbing a story, whether you read the words yourself or someone reads them to you! I read/listen to an average of 3 books a month and often they’re books I wouldn’t normally read in print.

  • http://bekahcubed.menterz.com bekahcubed

    The Hiding Place. So incredibly good. I frequently read biographies and think “What an amazing man/woman.” With that one, I got done reading and couldn’t stop thinking “What an amazing GOD.”

    Blogging Mojo sounds great, but I’m rather intimidated at even the idea of trying to “be a better blogger” (since I have so many other interests and I’m not really willing to settle on “blogger” as a primary personal identifier.)

  • http://www.planetnomad.wordpress.com edj

    Oh I love “The Hiding Place,” well as much as one can “love” that sort of book! Excellent though. I heard her speak once when I was a little girl and have never forgotten it (as you can tell, I’m on the right side of 30!)
    And Emma is not my fav Austen, although i like it just fine. P&P is it for me, followed by Mansfield Park, I think it is. (I like Austen but am not a huge over-the-top fan)

  • Gwynne

    Glad you read The Hiding Place, and I’m excited it might make it on the Book Club reading list next year! I loved it when I read it, but that was almost 20 years ago (yikes!), so I would like an excuse to pick it up again. :)

  • http://barbarah.wordpress.com Barbara H.

    I read The Hiding Place years ago and loved it — I probably should read it again some time.

    I think Persuasion is probably my favorite Austen book, though I liked Emma, too. Oddly, I didn’t like P&P and S&S as much, I should give them another try some time.

    I’m thinking of trying to download some audiobooks to listen to while exercising. I use a few exercise DVDs and video games, and it gets so boring listening to the same script. Do you get yours from Audible or some other source? I was looking around their site the other day trying to decide whether to go for it.

  • http://www.cassandraland.com Cassandra

    I’m turning 30 next year. 😉 Scary!

    Pride & Prejudice is my favorite. Emma was ok, though I didn’t really care for Emma herself! I’ve heard that’s normal, though. I hope you enjoy it!

    Happy November reading!