Five Minute Friday

Five minutes of my thoughts on…

– Unexpected –

I was recently at a conference (Relevant 2011) and had the extreme joy and pleasure of sitting and listening to a LIVE piano concert from David Nuveo!! We’ve listened to his music since I first found Ann Voskamps blog a little over two years ago. His music played softly 24/7 in Lydia’s room her first few months of life. (three CDs, on shuffle repeat.)

Anyway, during David’s concert he spoke a little between songs. I only wrote down one sentence, and it’s still sticking with me: “The best stuff isn’t planned.” 

And I would have to agree.  I’m a “planner.”  But I have grown to realize it’s refreshing to leave room in the schedule for the unexpected.  Snacks in the car for the unplanned stop at the park.  Freedom in the day for follow-through when my son gets an idea… “lets make cookies!”, “can we paint?” or like this morning, despite the very cold temps, “will you take me on a bike ride?”

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  • Jenn

    “The best stuff isn’t planned.” So true, and much like you, I like to plan, plan, plan… it’s wonderful to just let go sometimes, isn’t it! Thanks for posting today!

  • Trina Holden

    Ahh, my organized, perfectionist, scheduled little self needed this reminder. You went for a bike ride in this November – you rock, mom! :)

    • Sarah

      haha, thanks! We just bundled up :-) Sunshine-time and expending energy outside = a happy little four year old!

  • Janelle

    I’m a planner, and it amazes me how much fun it can be to do unplanned things! Planning for unplanned things is the hard part… but but the sounds of it, you are learning too!

    • Sarah

      Yep, I like to be prepared… but I’m also working on going with the flow and not getting too bent out of shape when the unexpected happens and I’m not ready :-)