30 Days of Thanks: 12-13

Simple yet huge thanks from this weekend:

A whole-day-long-date with David!
A live-in sister who is able to babysit.
Affordable new furniture (IKEA, of course.)
A place to sit and eat for almost my whole family to celebrate my mom’s birthday (we missed you Hannah!)
A tiny bit more organization and getting settled in this still-new-to-us house.
An excellent new tool to help with my Bible memory verse work! (I used this years ago, but totally forgot! Working on Colossians ch.1 currently.)
The soothing sound of a thunderstorm.
Sitting in church, the whole service, next to my husband!
Teaching Aaron how to wrap presents (birthday ones!)
A new soup recipe that was a hit! (New to us: Minestrone, from Sue Gregg.)
Blueberry muffins that flopped, and everyone was gracious enough NOT to mention it, and eat them anyway!
Playing games after the kids when to bed with some sisters and a new brother-in-law! (we used to do this all the time… nice to get a chance to do this again!)


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  • http://www.thehutchhaus.blogspot.com Conny

    ahhh, a date … something we haven’t done in a long time, BUT something I am scheming for January because my dear friend has told me she actually WANTS TO keep all my kids OVERNIGHT after the holidays!!!!!!!! I can’t even begin to imagine what 24 hours with just my husband and no responsibility will feel like!!!!!!! :)
    BTW, I love sitting next to my husband in church too … it is something I took for granted until he went to Iraq for a whole year. Church was somehow the loneliest place among all the families and couples in the pews … but of course, GOD filled my void very lovingly! :)