5 Minute Friday: Tired

5 short and sweet minute of writing.
No editing.


Muscles worked, energy spent, good tired.

I love that after-workout glow.  I guess, maybe, you can see it.  But mostly, I mean that glow you can feel.  After a looong day as mom I’m tired.  But after a long day as a mom who finishes it at the gym, now that’s my favorite tired.  Waking up the next morning feeling sore and tired because you worked hard, I love that!

Tired is always there.  It waits for me give into it.  It wants me to wave the white flag. Bending down, standing up, over and over and over, you know, what we all do as mom.  Pushing strollers, pulling wagons, chasing the ball… yep, that makes me tired too.

A tired that’s so enjoyable and well deserved: exercising in a room full of people, yet alone in happy silence.  That’s the best tired.


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  • Anonymous

    I love your positive spin on “tired”. You’re right, that’s the best tired.

    Have a blessed weekend…