3 in 30 wrap-up

Despite my lack of proper updates on my 3 in 30 progress, this month went very well!

My original goals were:

~ finish updating my EveryDayPhoto photoblog
~ go to bed earlier (ultimate goal is 10:30)
~ finish writing my December menu and stick with it

Let’s start with that good-ol’ photoblog… This goal morphed as the weeks went on.  No, I didn’t finish updating.  I did, in turn, come to the realization that I will catch up the photoblog through the end of 2011.  (I have all the photos sitting in my Aperture library, just waiting.)  But I will stop my FIVE year run of posting a photo-a-day with 2011.  I used to think I’d never stop.  It was easy and fun.  But I realized when it stopped being “easy” and “fun” that I’m not going to force it.  Too many other bigger priorities need to come first.  It was a blast while it lasted.  I still would encourage anyone to try a 365 (or more!) photo project sometime!  I started it as a way to be more comfortable taking my dSLR out and about.  That definitely was achieved.  Now onto the next thing, whatever that may be.  I feel a huge sense of relief now that I’ve come to this conclusion.

Goal number 2: going to bed earlier.  This was mostly achieved.  Not everyday, but I did have it in the forefront of my mind that I needed to hit that sack earlier… so I could wake up earlier!  In January I’m joining Hello Mornings Challenge and starting Matthew Pt.2 with Percept Upon Precept.  December was a hard month to stick to a bedtime…but I can’t image how late I’d be up and exhausted I’d be if I hadn’t have been thinking about getting to bed on time! yikes!

The third goal: December/January meal plan.  I did pretty good at this too.  I used the Sue Gregg method and when I prepared a meal I made a double or triple batch for the freezer.  This week has been a stay-cation for our family and I haven’t cooked once!  Right now, in my stage of life I don’t have a whole day a month to cook and bake… but I sure can make a little bit extra each time I make dinner!  My friend MacKenzie of Bold Turquoise just posted today her menu planner for 2012: a great little resource.  She also has a fabulous post on Freezer Breakfasts!  I’ve tried a few and will be adding more to my freezer very soon!!  We aren’t a ‘cereal and milk family’… breakfast is a big deal around here!

There you have it… the progress on my goals.  Now, 2012, bring it on!  I’m ready for you, and whatever you have to offer!

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  • http://www.bytesofmemory.com/ Bytesofmemory

    Looks like you did great with your month goals! I loved hearing about some of your plans for 2012. I just posted some goals today too :-)

  • Marijke

    Just found your blog after the Introduction on Totally Tots and felt right at home! I recently found the 3 in 30 challenge and also starting the Hello Mornings Challenge in January, so now I’ll be stalking you 😉

    hugs all the way from South Africa!

    • Sarah

      Hi new friend! So fun to have a visitor from South Africa!! Do you have a blog, I’d love to check it out! See you around the web!

  • http://monicabrand.com/blog Monica

    I’m also guilty of not going to bed early. Must change that in January when I join the #3in30 challenge for the first time.

    • http://sarah-proverbs226.blogspot.com/ Sarah Ronk

      Good luck with your 3in30! It was good for me to have that accountability out there that others new I goals I was working on! Happy New Years!!

  • http://www.faith4moms.blogspot.com MommieKate

    Great job! Bed time is a real challenge for me- and so is early rising. I’m a big fan of menu planning. As you’re learning it saves time, money, and stress. It’s good that you can do freezer meals too. I need to do more of those. Happy New Year and #3in30 Blessings!

  • http://ourgoodfamily.org/ Aurie Good

    Great job!! Getting to bed earlier is tough for me, but the hello mornings really helped get me up and out of bed :) Happy new year!

    • http://sarah-proverbs226.blogspot.com/ Sarah Ronk

      Happy New Year to you too!! I’m excited to start hello mornings! It will be so fun to have a group out there that I know is getting up in the quiet of their house just like me!