What’s On My Nightstand?

I used to only buy new books.  I loved the smell of new crisp pages and hearing the binding make that unmistakable noise of it’s first opening.  I made it through two years of collage buying new textbooks before I realized how silly that was!  Yikes.  If only I could go back and buy used ones so I could save that money to buy more books now!

Used books, ones with a past life I’ll probably never know;  now, these are the books I love.  There’s an exciting suspense to request a book on PaperBackSwap.com and have to wait to find out which cover design it will have!  These days, I love to wander the asiles of a used bookstore and find a great classic title in that perfect well-loved condition.  Sort of feels like I’ve found a treasure.

My January reads:
Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo
Excellent and quick read that I would recommend everyone.  I read it as an ebook, but this is one of those I wish I had in a hard copy so I could loan it out!  Sharing good books, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Currently reading:
Happy To Be Here by Garrison Keillor
This is our February book club read.  Being from Minnesota I’m familiar with Garrison Keillor’s radio program Prairie Home Companion.  I haven’t read a book of short stories in awhile, I forget about the gem that is the short story and get distracted by its longer relative, the novel.

Bird By Bird by Anne Lemott
The tag line reads: Some Instruction on Writing and Life.  I’m about halfway through this little number.

A Year In Provence by Peter Mayle
I’m playing catch up and need to finish this book from December for our book club.  It makes me long to travel again.  I think I’ll get the chance… some day, but probably not in the near future.  It’s in my 10-20 year plan.

Do you read often?  Do you like new or old books?

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  • http://trishdoerrler.com/ Trish

    I am the same way with short stories – I tend to gravitate toward novels but occasionally will find a book of short stories that grabs my attention.

    Thanks for joining in!

    Trish, 5MFB

  • Cassandra Land

    A Year in Provence made me want to travel as well. :)

    I like used books because they are so much cheaper! 😉 Seriously, though, I hardly buy books anymore. Almost all of mine come from the library. I can enjoy them and then someone else can read them.

    Happy February reading!