Five Minute Friday: Real


Was it really real?  I said ‘I can’t believe it!’ enough times he had
to ask me to ‘please stop saying that’.  Oops!  It wasn’t that I wasn’t
believing it, it was more I couldn’t believe it was here!  Exactly five
months before the day I would marry this man, he presented me with the
ring.   A very cold walk one Saturday night landed us at the park and
its very cold park bench.  I was tired and ready to walk back but this
walk was his idea.  He always let me pick the plans.  Knowing he
suggested this walk helped me keep my mouth shut as I pulled my hat
down tighter.  I thought he was just taking his gloves off but I wasn’t
paying attention.  Then I see the black box as he’s opening it.

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  • J Michael

    I’m so thankful it was real and you said yes! What a blessing you are to us!! ♥