Five Minute Friday: Empty


I don’t want to be empty. Empty means I have nothing to give. Some things give the illusion of fulfillment but I still feel (and am) empty on the other side of it.

Writing is a great thing. Without writing there would be no reading.  Without writing learning new things would be a whole different ball game.  I’m so thankful for the writing of so many friends who write online, in real life friends and online ones, ones I’ve met and some who have no idea I exist.

But… reading too much online empties me. Too many thoughts and ideas, even good ones swirling in my head turn it to mud.

As an early Indiana Spring is beginning to show and new growth is about to explode I’m to be ready to watch it.  This new season, our first Spring in this house means a fresh garden to till and plant, and many hours spent in the fresh air.

I’ve been quiet with my writing and it’s been freeing. The quietness is filling.  I’ve read a great deal on writing, whether it shows, I’m not so sure. I’ve researched into the “right way” to write and might not be so good at following those directions. But I’m still here, just enjoying less screen time and more sky time.

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  • Anonymous

    I, too, am in a season of enjoying more sky time, less screen time, more facetime, less facebook time. Beautiful thoughts, Sarah, and such lovely writing, blending them all together.

  • Melissa Morgner @HalfDozenMama

    Your words are simply refreshing! I totally agree with being emptied by all the eye candy online. Whether it’s Pinterest or Facebook, or even really good, spiritually uplifting blogs, too much is just too much. I worry about our modern brains and spirits not making room for some margin. Some real life breathing room just to soak up the ‘sky time.’ Beautifully put!

    • Sarah Ronk

      “room for some margin” exactly! I agree!!

  • Terry and Beth Pederson

    Jumped over from Lisa Jo’s and your words are a good reminder that writing brings more reading … that without writing there would be no reading.

    Just finishing By His Wounds You Are healed by Wendy Alsup. Excellent read on the message of Ephesians and how it transforms a woman’s identity.

    In His Arms, Beth

    • Sarah Ronk

      Thanks for stopping in and the suggestion, I’ll check out that book!

  • Sarah Koci Scheilz

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday and love your blog! Quietness is so filling indeed!

  • MacKenzie

    Yes- enjoy that sky time! So precious! And as for those writing rules- write like YOU! The best writing “rule” is authenticity! We love to hear YOU!

    • Sarah Ronk

      thanks for the encouragement!

  • Denise In Bloom

    So true that too much reading online leaves you empty. We must get off and LIVE life.
    Love you friend!

  • Anonymous

    hello, fellow hoosier! love this! and i find myself in much the same place lately.
    i thought your name looked familiar, and then realized you’ll be at the same meet-up coming up in April as i will be. looking forward to meeting you.
    have a great weekend!

    • Sarah Ronk

      Ooh how exciting! Can’t wait to meet you!