A favorite social media site of mine: GoodReads

THE site for bookworms. It’s a special kind of friendship formed over the enjoyment in the same literature. I’ve met some of the best people through our book club. When we come together as strangers over a shared interest in the month’s book, we don’t stay strangers.

GoodRead offers anyone the ability to find friends with similar favorite books. (And if you offer up your address, or even just city, you might find a kindred spirit lives right around the corner!

~ You can log the books you have read, are reading, and plan to read in the future.
~ Find your friends, see what they’re reading and if they’d recommend it.
~ Rate your books on a 5 star rating system and write a review.
~ Create your own book shelves to sort and organize your books
~ Compare your books with others and find new friends who enjoy the books you do.
~ Get suggestions for new books to read based on the books you’ve rated.
~ You can get the app for your phone and update your books the second you finish reading… incase you get hyper excited to move that book to “read” from “currently reading”! 😉

July 1st I met my reading goal for the YEAR! Thanks to the Spring Reading Thing Challenge I finished my 31 books for the year much earlier than expected. I’ve changed my  goal to 50 books which still puts me 6 books ahead of schedule.

The site offers plenty more features I don’t take advantage of… yet. I hope you’ll come find me on GoodReads and say hi!

Do you have a yearly reading goal?

disclaimer: I have no affiliation with GoodReads, I just like ’em.

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