Fall Bucket List

September 22nd through December 21st is, and has always been, my favorite season! I might be looking forward to THIS Fall season more than ever before! Refocusing, simplifying, (as always) and being thankful for every.single.moment.

Soo… in an effort to do just that here’s my short Bucket List that I might be TOO excited to start checking off!!

1.) drink hot apple cider
2.) make pumpkin muffins and apple cake
3.) celebrate our 9 year anniversary
4.) celebrate our 1st year in our new house
5.) watch some (maybe tons of) classic movies
6.) get back to blogging
7.) read from my Fall Into Reading list
8.) plan & put together the book club Christmas Party!
9.) go camping (more than once!)
10.) visit a pumpkin patch
11.) visit the apple orchard (and eat a carmel apple!)
12.) take our fall family photos

Happy Fall everyone!!!

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