Choosing Your Books

Day 5 – Choosing Your Books

Here are my favorite tips for choosing the right book for your club. Pick and choose which method(s) that work for you:

1.) Use your purpose statement as your guide. This helps keep a focus on the type or theme of books to choose from, since there are just so many great books out there!
2.) Find some good resources and book lists by a trusted/respected source*
3.) You or someone you know personally have already read the book
4.) Ask members for suggestions
5.) Vote as a club
6.) Have your core group make the final call

We take suggestions, check our favorite book lists, and look at the books we’ve read recently then the core makes the final decision. The challenge of our book club is to read books that you might not normally without the encouragement of a group to read it with you.  We can’t (and don’t want to) change the type of books our members love, we can’t promise you will even like the ones we read. We just encourage reading from a variety of genres, time periods and authors.

Timing of book reveals/decisions.
We started out choosing the next month’s book at meeting previous. This was when we were meeting every other month. It gave members time to get a copy of the book and read it. Once we started meeting every month it was easier to pick the books a few months out at time. One year we announced 6 months of books ahead of time and one year we announced the whole year’s worth. It’s completely up to you and your club.

*Through the month of Octobers in this series I’ll be posting Resources for Inspiration on the weekends. Hopefully this will spark some interest and ideas for you and your club! Come back tomorrow for the first installment of this!

Action Steps ::
Choose your first book.

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