Resources for Inspiration (part 1)

Day 6 – Resources for Inspiration (part 1)

The Book Group Book:
A Thoughtful Guide to Forming and Enjoying a Stimulating Book Discussion Group

A book group, however goes deeper than an impromptu discussion of literature. A book group is a steady, ongoing process, whether the group lasts a month, a year, or a decade. -The Book Group Book

This is a fun and very informative collection of short essays and book lists from clubs around the country. Book lists are always fun to browse, but I truly enjoyed getting to peak into so many different book club and the ins and outs of their group. Some have been around for years and years, while some are still fairly new. You will glean so many helpful tips for your club and I highly recommend this book.

This would be the perfect book to pick up from your local library, passing by your favorite coffee/tea cafe, while on the way to the park! Reading outside in the fall is heaven! It reads quick and because of the short story nature of it you can pick it up even when you only have a few minutes of spare time.

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