Answering the W’s

Day 8 – Answering the W’s

When :: Timing? Keep it regular. Stick to the same time of night and day of the month for consistency your club members can depend. Work schedules, extra curricular activities with kids and so much more keep your members busy, they will appreciate this. Our club members know at 7:00 on the 2nd Thursday of every month is, what we call, “book club Thursday”.

How often :: Frequency? We chose monthly. Your members might be hard core, fast readers and do well meeting every fortnight. In the beginning, we met every other month, it was a nice way to ease into club. Maybe you want to read one book every season and have four book club’s each year. Find what fits your club.

Where :: Location? We like to mix it up. We’ll often meet at a local cafe. But we like to meet in homes for special events and other times too. The cafe is perfect because no one has to get their house ready to host or prepare any refreshments. Meeting in a home is nice too. It’s a quieter setting and a little more cozy.

What :: What will you eat? When we are out at the cafe some will get dinner, a full soup and sandwich meal, others will get a dessert and coffee, others just get water, while some order nothing. Occasionally, almost all of us have shown up early because we all planned to have dinner first. We are very flexible in the food area as you an see.

If we meet in someone home for a regular book club night here is no obligation for food. No pressure to provide anything but often there will be a light snack or small dessert.

Four times a year we have special event book club nights. (Tea Party, Summer Picnic, Dinner Party, and the Christmas Party) These we do put time and effort into our menu. We even put thought towards the presentation of the food. We like to create a Pinterest board for the event and then let members and the core group pin their (food and decoration) ideas.

Drinks: Alcohol or no? Some clubs like to have wine to help the conversation flow. Our club has only offered an alcoholic beverage at Christmas time. Last year we had a Pomegranate champaign punch, oh so yummy.

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  • Amy in Wanderland

    Sarah, SO EXCITED to find this series! I’ve been thinking of starting a teacher book club at my school. But while I’ve done lots of clubs for teens, I’ve never held an adult book club. Way more nerve-wracking. I’ll be following. :)))

    • Sarahronk

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series! I hope you find all you need to start your teacher book club. If you have any questions please let me know!! I don’t know everything, but I’d love to help if I can!

  • MacKenzie

    Sadly, my book club got cancelled, but I still hope to be able to start one and you are just giving me so many wonderful ideas! Thank you for this road map!

    • Sarahronk

      So glad the series is helping! I’d love to know more about your book club when you get one started!

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