Breaking Book Club “rules”

Day 12 – Breaking book club “rules”

I’ve mentioned we don’t really have “rules” for out book club… but yet it seems we do break them. Oprah has an article on “How to have a successful book club: 14 ways not to kill your book club” After scanning that article I’m here to say your club will not die if you don’t follow her rules. Our book club is living proof! Here are some of her rules that we break:

Sharing the busywork. We use a core group to do most of what she calls “busy work.” In the future I could see our group growing to a place that we all do share the responsibilities. But right now, with the phase of life most of us are in, members enjoy being a part of book club that doesn’t require more work besides reading a good book and enjoying a night out once a month.

Seduce with food.  Food isn’t always the answer. We choose to keep things light and only provide a true full meal only once a year at the dinner party.

No Books Longer Than 450 Pages. We enjoy a long book once a year for the past three years. Gone with the Wind was our long book last year with 1037 pages and it was our biggest turn out for the year. We’ve also read Les Mis with 1463 pages and The Count of Monte Cristo with 1278  pages. Don’t shy away from the long ones, these are often our favorites!

Stay On The Same Page—Literally. This just isn’t practical for all of us to have the exact same copy of the book. Some members already own a copy of the book, some borrow from the library, others get audiobook or kindle copies of the book. It’s rare for two members to show up with the same copy of the book.

One Dog Memoir Per Year. We haven’t read a dog book in our four years and counting. Not to say that we won’t ever, but it certainly isn’t necessary to read one each year. :-)

What do you think about these rules? Every club is so different. Which rules would you follow? Which would you not?

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