Book Events, Trips, and More

Day 17 – Book Events, Trips, and More

It’s fun to have more reasons to get together with your book club! Maybe you can use these ideas as social gatherings between actual book club discussions or maybe you combine them and expand the good times!

Book Events ::
Check your local or your nearest cities library for special events they are having. Some have book sales, author readings (and signings)  and more. Also watch for Book Festivals in your area.

Book Trips ::
Maybe scout out a Festival of Books and take a day trip or road trip as a club. You could also travel as a book club, seriously travel. Choose a book with an interesting city setting and go! A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemmingway is our November book club book; wouldn’t it be fantastic to fly to Paris to discuss it there?! Or, read Round Ireland with a Fridge… and go visit around Ireland! Maybe you want to stick a little closer to home and stay state-side. Find a great travel book and take it’s suggestions. Read Little Women and travel New England. Set a goal, start saving and go for it!

Overnight Trips ::
Next Summer will be our 5 year anniversary so are in the midst of planning a weekend trip to a Bed & Breakfast. I’m looking into some connections I have to see if we can combine some pampering while we’re there. This will be our first trip and our goal is to secure a B&B within 2 hours driving, but I have big dreams. In the future, maybe after our families are all past the little ones stage, that we could take a longer reading vacation. I’d love to find a beach somewhere with the club and some good books for a long weekend!

What other ideas do you have? What have you done with your book club that others might enjoy? Please leave a comment and share!

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