Resources for Inspiration (part 5)

Day 20 – Resources for Inspiration (part 5)

The Readers’ Choice
200 Book Club Favorites : A Treasury of Top Picks
By More Than 70 Reading Groups Nationwide

When I started our book club I didn’t think to go research how to do it. But, after a few months I realized just how much material was out there on book clubs and book suggestions! This book was one I purchased soon after our club started. I love that it’s categorized by subject so you can choose just the book you’re in the mood for.

From the back cover:

Combining her skills as a book reviewer and a veteran book group member, McMains provides brief, captivating profiles of a divers mix of fiction and nonfiction. There are love stories and war stories, fantasy and political intrigue, biography and nature – and much more. Each profile highlights the unique traits of the book and ends with a few questions for thought and discussion. The Readers’ Choice includes well-known book group favorites as well as little-known gems that have been discovered and treasured. Indexes organize the entries by title and subject matter, helping readers find books that appeal to their interests. For anyone wanting to learn the easy essentials of starting a book club, check and McMain’s introductions. Let The Readers’ Choice help you make the most of the precious time you spending reading!

I hope you enjoy this valuable book club tool!

(I can’t believe we are already to day 20! If you’re still reading along, thanks for sticking with me!!)

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