Resources for Inspiration (Part 8)

Day 28 – Resources for Inspiration (Part 8)

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” ~ Emilie Buchwald

Let’s take this one step further and for my last Resource for your future reading endevers we’re going to involve the next generation. This could be your children, nieces/nephews, children in your church or your friend’s children…. really there are children everywhere. :-)

Here are my favorite go-to places for great book list recommendations for kids:

BFIAR and FIAR (and here’s a GREAT blog resource!)
Ambleside Online book lists
Simply Charlotte Mason reading lists
Sonlight, whethere you are planning to homeschool or not has fabulous reading lists for each age (Click the Included Items tab)

And here are a few book lists I’ve found and saved for my trips to the library:

50 chapter books for Preschool and 3 yr olds
75 Books that Build Character
100 books to read in Kindergarten

And as a bonus:here’s a list of books on living math:

Loving Living Math
Living Math Book List

And I can’t finish my list without mentioning a few fellow bloggers sharing 31 days on kids books and book related ideas:

31 Days of Awesome Kids Books with the Quirky Book Worm
31 Days of Children’s ABC Books with Our Learning Collection
Children’s Book Activities with Crayon Wishes and Popsicles Dreams

Thanks for sticking with me and mini series in this series:

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Day 13 – Honey for a Woman’s Heart
Day 14 – other 31 day blog series’ on reading
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