Closing Thoughts

Day 31 – Closing Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and it’s sparked a few ideas for your current or future book club!

In no way do I claim to have all the book club answers and since I’ve been book-clubbing for fewer than 10,000 hours I am not an expert.

But, I’d love for this little collection of posts to encourage you.
Encourage you to read more,
one page at a time, one book at a time.
Encourage you to gather with friends,
and share about what you’ve learned over a hot mug and yummy snack.

I’d also love to hear about your book club, the current one you’re in, or the one you might start someday! Or, do you have any ideas for me and our book club?!

I hope you’ll come back an visit hear again, I’ll probably be a little quiet through the holidays. But I’ll pop in here and there to share about our
-favorite preschool boy books or the antics of a certain 3yo girl,
-our family holiday adventures and favorite recipes, or
-about baby #3, (coming early March 2013) as we prepare for another home birth!

Thanks again for reading along! To find the complete list of posts visit the
Reading is Social: Table of Contents

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  • Sheila

    Thank you for this series – I really enjoyed reading it! I’d tell you about my bookclub but since it’s the one you run, that’d be pretty silly. 😉

  • Kelly Dearth

    I feel like I’ve just found a kindred book spirit reading about your book club and all the fun things you like to do! I’ve been running a book club for the past 8 years and it’s amazing how it has grown and evolved as each year passes. I am always looking for new ideas to try and books to read and your site has definitely provided that for me so thank you! If you’d like to see the “Book Parties” (as we call them) that we throw then feel free to check out our blog to see what fun things we do! I hope we can stay in touch!

    • Sarah Ronk

      Wow!! I LOVE your Book Parties! And what an awesome blog!! I’ve always dreamed our blog would evolve into something more like yours. Even in the year and a half since I wrote this we’ve evolved – I love how we keep changing and growing! This year we are hoping to meet in homes more than in cafes. We are getting large enough that it’s hard to hear some places. How do you guys select your books? Do you always pick all the books for the year at a time? I’m off to check out more about your club! Is your club open to new people? How do you help conversation flow when you have a big group. The biggest night we had was 18, I think, that was tough for me to moderate. Thank you so much for leaving a comment!! …Just wondering, how did you find me?

      • Kelly Dearth

        For me, choosing the books we read is one of the biggest challenges I face each year. I am always anxious as I try to do my best to make sure every one of my 30+ members feels and knows that their opinion and suggestions are being heard. While simultaneously attempting to line up a diverse selection of books that the majority will hopefully enjoy reading and making sure no one’s feelings are hurt. (It can be intimidating to suggest a book that no one seems interested in reading.) No big deal right?

        After many years of trial and error and trying many different combinations, I have found that the easiest way for our group to choose books is to only do it ONCE a year! By choosing our books a year in advance it allows everyone the freedom to buy, borrow and read the books in advance and prepare as necessary at a more leisurely pace.

        How do we choose our books? After our discussion at our October meeting, we take a short break before switching gears to choose the next years book line up. I hook my laptop into my TV and we look up every book suggested on Goodreads and Amazon to view their ratings and reviews. We do our best to make sure the books we choose are GOOD books that have high ratings for a reason. We are not always successful in our attempts but for the most part, I’d say we choose wisely. 😉

        We keep our book selections diverse on purpose…it’s the best way to appease everyone to make sure each member feels they are reading something they really respond to while also stretching our comfort zones of what we would normally read.
        Our typical book selection breakdown looks something like this:
        1 -Non fiction
        1-Historical fiction
        2-3 -Young Adult fictions
        1-2 –Classics
        3-4 -Adult fictions
        -We choose some kind of “spooky” or gothic book for our October read.
        -And for our Special “Couples Book Club” we typically choose a SiFi book or biography to appease the guys who join us for the month. 😉
        We almost always stick to the books we pick but occasionally a book replacement is necessary. If the moderator for one of the books reads in advance and finds that the book would not be enjoyed by our group for one reason or another, we don’t hesitate to replace it with a book that would be a better fit. Sometimes we replace a book because another book or opportunity comes along and we have to squeeze it in! For example, occasionally I have new authors that I met come to our book club after they have released their first book so in a situation like that we will always make a space for their books!


        Yes, my book club is always open to new members because our members fluctuate month to month. I currently have about 35 members on my evite list an on average we get about 12-18 people at our meetings. (the summer months tend to have less people since so many people are on trips with their families etc.) The largest group we had might have been for “The Night Circus” book club and we had close to 25 people!! Who ever moderates the book for the month usually has a power point presentation to help keep the focus up front and keep everyone attention. Power points are NOT mandatory by any means but most people find them helpful to show pictures, host quizzes and hop on the internet for various reasons.
        And I ran across your website when I was looking up something about book clubs but I can’t remember what specifically it was now!
        Hope to hear from you again! PS where are you based?