What I’m Into (August 2013)

The old blog here’s been pretty quite for some time. Here’s a peek at what’s been going on…

TV & Movies:
Not much going on in this department. Watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls for the first time from Netflix. I’m up to the middle of season 6.

From The Bookshelf:
I’m in a slow-reading-phase lately. Well, not that I’m reading slow, more like I’ve stalled out and I’m not turning too many pages of anything this summer. On my “current reads” list is:

Youtility: Why Smart Companies Are Helping, Not Selling. My husband is reading this for work (he’s a software engineer in the social media industry so it sounded interesting and I joined him reading it)

Crossing to Safety: listening to this audiobook right now. I enjoyed Anne’s suggestion of Jayber Crow and Gilead… and this too sounds like another winner for sure!

Rules of Civility. Loving this one. It’s a kindle book and for some reason just getting that out to read hasn’t been super handy this summer. Although, I’m enjoying it so much I don’t mind that I’m taking it in small bites. (Yes, I know I have the Kindle app on my phone. I can’t explain why I haven’t finished this one because I’m thinking it’s going to get two thumbs up.)

The Read Aloud Handbook. Picking this one up every now and then. Can’t believe I’m just now getting around to reading it!

My Life/Family Life:
I’m still coming around to finding the new “normal” as a mom of 3. This weekend we all went to the State Fair with my sister and dad thanks to all the free tickets the kids earned from the library’s summer reading program. It was the first time for the kids and they loved. it! Isaac was perfect! Seriously! Not a peep, just happily taking in all the sights, sounds and smells. Then he took a nice nap in the moby. (I could have dealt with cooler temps than 80. Next year I’m requesting the Fair to be in October.)

This past week I was able to go to book club for the first time without Isaac. I felt a little lost since he’s joined me since birth, but it was a great discussion of Gatsby. Next month is Bread & Wine for our dinner party month!! Maybe my very favorite book club month.

Isaac is 5.5 months and just figured out sitting. I wouldn’t call him a Pro yet but he’s on his way. He’s also rolling and spinning and starting to scoot on his belly and rock on all four’s. Such a fun stage!!

Lydia is a few weeks away from FOUR! Tell me, HOW did that happen?! Four. She’s all girl with her pink and purple and wanting to be a princess. She’s not seen Disney’s princess movies but has a yellow skirt and blue shirt and has us call her Snow White when she wears it. She’s loving PreKindergarden and asks many times a day to “do more school.” She might have a lot of my blood in her and is at home in the pool. She was born in the water, and might be as happy as could be to live there too.

Aaron is a little more than a month away from SIX! I love love love Fall. It’s a great season for birthday season!! And camping. A birthday tradition for him. Aaron finally got confident on a two wheeler and he and David (sometime Lydia and her Strider too) hit the local State Park for bonding and bike time. (So I can have a little breather. This is very much appreciated!) Aaron’s doing well with his Kindergarten work. We are slowing rolling out more of the subject’s. They are adjusting well to more structure from the freedom of summer and my post-baby sporadically planned/not planned days. He’s also very into building robots. This weekend he had David and I really brainstorming with him as we tried to decided if it truly was possible to build the robot costume he described from a cardboard box. Not sure we found the exact way he meant but it worked. Today he told me he’d like to find a way to build robots and open a store. Any of you in the market for a robot?

David’s collecting the necessary equipment to begin biking to work (bicycle not motorcycle… although I don’t think he’d mind getting a motorcycle for his commute.) He’d like to work up to biking in most days! The first ride might be next week if some extra parts don’t come over on the slow boat.

I’m also getting some things lined up for a Young Living open house I’m hosting next week and a few classes I’m teaching after that. Now that Isaac has a more regular bedtime I feel like I’m finally coming around back to being me! (Not the super-sleep-deprived-which-way-is-up version of me.)

Random Things:
Isaac has decided he’s a morning person. He and I get up at 5:00 (yikes! I know.) and hang out for about an hour before he heads back to bed. It’s been great for getting in a regular quiet time. (in actual quietness) We listen to music on the appleTV and I work on my study while he plays and watches the photo-stream slideshow on the TV.

My husband is reading a book with his brother before they meet up this weekend (to do some construction on his new house) David told Aaron he’s reading for his book club. Aaron asked, “so you have to read allllll the books?”

Lydia loves “tiny treasures” I call them. Small toys, trinkets, cards (she saves ALLLL her birthday and greeting cards!) Often her favorite things she said “I need this for book club.”

I wonder what they really thing happens a book club? I’m not sure it’s an accurate picture.

Around The House:
If we aren’t in the middle of a home improvement project it means one is on the horizon. Next up is some light work* (I think) in the kitchen and family room and hopefully new floors! The floors are definitely the last phase of this project but might be what I’m most excited for!
*opening doorways wider, removing a half wall, expanding the pantry. Maybe I should judge if this is considered “light” work after we finish 😉
**David just read this post and is “not amused” I said this was light work 😉 I guess I was comparing it to the pergola and master bath remodel I’m dreaming of 😀

In The Kitchen:
David and I completed Whole30 mid summer and loved it! Inches were melting off. We went off for a month or so and decided we enjoyed the structure of the diet more than the freedom without it. Now we are eating more of a paleo diet. As we re-introducded foods after W30 there were no issues so we are still focusing on the main points but not as strict with having no cheese or grain.

Thanks Hopeful Leigh for the post “What I’m Into” idea!

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  • http://deliberatereader.com/ Sheila

    So glad to hear that Isaac is getting into a routine and letting you get some rest! It makes such a difference.

    And I am so excited about book club this month. Both for the book, and for the dinner party. :)

  • Heather

    Hi Sarah! I was hoping you would be willing to answer a quick question that I have about your blog! If you could please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail.com that would be great!