2013 at a glance

It was a long and short year. You know how it is sometimes.

We rung in 2013 with both of our parents! Always a treat for the kids when all 4 grandparents are over at the same time! (We love it too!) It was also a month full of baby preparations and quality time with Aaron and Lydia.

I read quite a few books in February as I waited for baby #3 to arrive. David started a new job 7 days before Baby #3 = Isaac Matthew, joined us. (Arriving 6 days early (yay!!) at the end of the month, just after my birthday and David’s.)

family photos fall 20131

March, April, and May happened in the blink of an eye as we stayed around home and enjoyed our family of 5. Isaac spent and loved many, many (many!) hours in the sling.

June and July were spent at swimming lessons, camping, the library, a family reunion, and at home enjoying a new backyard swing set! (Also, we did the Whole30 food plan and loved it! Even the kids! SO yum!)

In August David started bicycling most days downtown to work, we made a few trips to the State Fair, Aaron started Kindergarten, I started teaching essential oil classes, and David and I celebrated 10 years!

family photos fall 2013

September began with a long weekend at Lake Erie with David’s family and in the middle we went camping (again! We love camping!) Aaron turned SIX and turned Lydia FOUR this month!

In October my book club and I celebrated 5 years and rented a house for a retreat weekend. Mid-month we made another trip to Ohio to meet a brand new nephew and cousin!

November and December? Might have been the fastest month’s of the year but we purposefully did not over crowd our calendar. No camping, no weekends traveling. Soaked up lots of family time.

We are thankful for SO much from 2013!

2014? Still sort of sounds like a space age time of the future! I officially feel grown up now. I guess it took longer than I thought. But my 30’s are shaping up to be my favorite decade yet!

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  • Sarah Kerner

    Your family is absolutely gorgeous! It sounds like you had a wonderful year. I agree that 2014 sounds a little space-agey. =) This will be the year I turn 35… OMG why does that sound so much older than 34???

    • Sarah

      Thank you!