Bold Year {First Quarter glimpse}

This year I’ve been participating in and co-leading an online challenge: The Bold Year Challenge with MacKenzie and a few other online and in real life friends. (Jodi, Lauren, Kari, and ReneeButton-Bold-Year-ChallengeIn short it’s a year to be BOLD.

Now, I’m not already bold, I’m learning to be bold with all the participants.
Real life.
Bold living.
Imperfectness and all.

The challenge as several components. The main one is The Bold Year Visual Bible Study: reading, studying, and visual journaling through the New Testament inductively. <– Right there? All those words? So exactly me and what I wanted for my year anyway! (Also this type of study aligns exactly with my learning style.)

We are attending a church that’s a bit of a drive from us and in this current phase of life driving to church throughout the week for different activities and Bible study is more than we can commit to as a family right now. Enter the online world. YES. I know some of you might think community and relationships can’t happen and won’t grow though the computer, but it is possible! I wouldn’t say that is the only way or that you shouldn’t have face to face time and fellowship with others, but as a mom with three young ones, this is my reality right now.

I often meeting with friends on Google + hangouts or Facetime. The kids even join in sharing. Don’t knock the internet friendships 😉 that’s all I’m asking. Sooo all that rambling to say I’m loving the NT challenge with these lovely ladies online! I’m marking my Bible with the precept studies key word markings. (I even copied them ALL into a mini moleskin to use as a reference. A long project but worth it. I plan to continue marking my OT as I read those with our church and next year.)

Real life note: I’m behind in this portion of the challenge. I skipped James while we were traveling and on vacation. I’m studying and preparing to teach a bible study this summer and adding that on top of the NT challenge made my head swim.

Another component is Bold Fitness. Each month you can download a calendar of tips and exercises. I’ve picked up doing yoga again. It was one of my favorite prenatal exercises when I couldn’t get to the pool to swim. I have P90x so I use that yoga routine if I have a larger block of time. Or I find one on youtube. I’d love to get better at some of the more challenging poses…. so I know I have to get in a better routine of practicing regularly.

Real life note: I’m getting exercise in 3-4 times a week. Which isn’t bad, but I’d love for it to be 7 times. Current obstacle here: Isaac likes to get up at 5:30 am. (insert yawn.)

Each month also has a theme. April has been “The Ways of Old” – Looking at traditional homemaking tasks and hobbies to see how we can apply them today. May will be “Beautiful Spaces” – Making our houses into homes.

And the last (but not least!!) is the Bold Book Club the portion of the challenge where I contribute. The word challenge seems fitting here. I’ve had an in-real-life book club for six years next month so I know the blessings and joy of meeting face to face and discussing books. I’m still working on finding a way to have a good book club discussion on line. (Let me know if you have suggestions!)

This month we’re reading Home Comforts. It’s a really a reference guide, so definitely on the heavy/long side. But oh, so, handy! Visit Anne’s site for a great description of it here. Next month, Emily P. Freeman’s A Million Little Ways!

If you’re interested in joining the challenge the beginning of every month is a great time to start! Visit Bold Turquoise for all the details.

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  • Anne Bogel

    I never would have thought of Home Comforts as a book club pick! Sounds like great discussion fodder though. :)