Simple Woman’s Daybook {August 2014}

Outside my window… it’s sunny and warm. David’s mowing with Aaron watching closely. (He’s anxiously waiting for when he’s old enough to mow.)

I am wondering… How long my youngest will nap, and if I’ll actually finish a blog post in one sitting :-)

I am appreciating… quietness. It’s rare in my house, but always, always noticed and appreciated.

I am thinking… about this week’s menu, and if I’ll be able to fit in time to make any bulk meals.

I am going… a hot yoga class this afternoon. My friend introduced me to bikram yoga and I’m loving it.

I am looking forward to… a week in North Carolina and our book club weekend retreat (both this Fall) I haven’t been to the beach since before my 3rd was born. #toolongwaytoolong

I am reading… Dinner, A Love Story (it’s a kindle read… these usually take me awhile b/c it’s not may favorite way to read, but I’m enjoying it.), Living Balance: Healthy Mind & Body Reference Guide, The Invention of Wings (need to hurry up with this one… library book.) and I need to start A Tree Grows in Brooklyn!! (Our August book club book, which meets next week!)

In the kitchen… chili is simmering for dinner. I know. Chili in summer. We live on the edge.

I’m wearing… my new tunic and leggings from LuLaRoe. My new cloths from my LuLaRoe are my new favorites! Seriously! SO comfortable. I mean, really, it’s gotta be comfortable or I’m not going to wear it. #momwithlittles

I’m creating… a more organized home #alwayswhatI’mcreatingthough

In my Bible journal/study time… I’m still working on my year of inductively going through the New Testament. I’m a bit behind our Bold Year Challenge schedule, but I’m on track to catch up…. eventually.

I am listening… Talk Like Ted (audiobook -taking this one slow. It’s a good book, but not interested in big chunks at a time. Might have been better to read it, so many things I’d highlight!), I just finished the latest Read Aloud Revival podcast (Love this one!), The Art of Simple Podcast (I’m 1.5 behind on this one… maybe that means I’m also behind on cleaning), Eiffle’s Tower (one of our book club retreat book flights), Just So Stories (audibook with the kids), The Invisible Man (audiobook)

I’m learning… (still learning) my plans are always for more than 168 hour weeks. Sights set too high? Good possibility.

One of my favorite things… our August schedule. It’s 3/4 LESS full than June and July!

I am studying… the book of Luke and the Essential Oils Desk Reference. It’s fascinating how God created plants with such healing “life-blood” oils inside of them and what research has proven the pure form of that oil can do for our bodies. #mindblowing

A few plans for this week… Nature Club, an essential oil team meeting, and our first full week of school! (we’ve been going 2-3 days a week)

A couple pictures to share…


1.) Lydia and me (People say we look alike. I take photos like this so I can try to see it.)
2.) Rushing out to meet daddy. Everyone’s always anxiously waiting for him to get home (especially on day’s he bikes!)
3.) Silly faces before read aloud time
4.) Much of the summer has been spent right there on the back patio. #outdoorliving

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