A Simple Woman’s Daybook {April 2015}

Outside my window… the sun has just set. Rain is schedule for the rest of the week so my biggest two played outside until dark.

I am wondering… How many weeks until I get to meet baby #4! Her older siblings were 10 days, 6 days, and 6 days early… only God knows her timing.

I am appreciating… quietness and a clean house. A family stopped in tonight to chat a bit about essential oils so the house is spick and span! (It’s *mostly* quiet. The kids are in bed but not all are asleep…. therefore playing delay-bedtime-games.)

I am thinking… about the fun things on my to-do list and if I’ll get them finished before starting my baby-moon!! And that I’m so very thankful that I’m feeling so much better at 36 weeks with #4 than I did at 36 weeks with #3 #OHMYsomuchbetter

I am going… to work on a 2 week menu to cycle and repeat through the rest of Spring with plenty of freezer meal/meal components for easy lunches and dinners.

I am looking forward to… getting back in the yoga studio! I’m taking a break from hot yoga (since hitting the 3rd trimester) but very much looking forward to getting back in there! #peaceandquiet #totalbodydeepdetox

I am reading… oh so many books. All of the ones I’ve started are in my “Currently Reading” folder on goodreads. I really should get cracking on (um, start reading) Friday The Rabbi Slept Late… it’s this month’s book club book… and book club is THIS Thursday! I’m also excited to get to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up… because I’m SO OVER tidying up. Sounds like she’s gonna teach me how to never have do this again! #yesplease #winning

In the kitchen… I’m still… and constantly brainstorming how to deal with our several lack of counter space. I clearly did not think though the ramifications of a galley kitchen and our food and cooking style when we moved here.

I’m wearing… yoga pants, a comfy T, and long cardi. #endofpregnancyuniform

I’m creating… a better template for my weekly essential oil newsletter that I send to my team. My goal is to send it out on Wednesday and the past few weeks I didin’t finish until Friday because of formatting things that bother me! I should probably take a lesson from Elsa and #letitgo. #perfectionistatthecore

In my Bible journal/study time… I’m finishing up my Bible in 100 Days reading plan and getting ready to start the Precept study Covenant.

I am listening… a few books on Audible: Heidi (for May’s book club) As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust (because I can’t resist Flavia De Luce) and a few Essential Oil lectures from Cherie Ross (because I love research and she’s got some mind-blowing things to share!)

I’m learning… I don’t have the best household systems in place and I think it’s time to add to the list more things the kids can help me with and take responsibility for… #thefamilyisgrowing #andgrowingup

One of my favorite things… the newness and freshness and anticipation of all things Spring. #sun #greengrass #anewbaby #openwindows #readingoutbackafterthekidsgotobed …but wondering if a certain new little girl will go along with this past evening trend 😉

I am studying… The book of Hebrews and oils that are great for pregnancy and labor.

A few plans for this week… keep the house in order and picked up. (and get that Tidying book READ!) Laundry. #butthatsalwaysandforever Plan something fun for next week …when we finish school!!!!! (So excited I started our school year early and we are able to finish so soon!!)

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