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classicsclubMy Classics Club Book List

Read more about what this is all about here. But, basically it’s a challenge to read 50 classics book in 5 years. Each person gets to pick the 50 books they’d like to read.

Start Date: December 2013
Completion Goal: December 2018

Original list of 50:

1. Fahrenheit 451 (reread)
2. 1984
3. A Brave New World
4. A Midsummer Nights Dream
5. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn {read August 2014}
A classic I didn’t give high expectations too, but was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it! 
6. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn {read June 2014} *audiobook
Might have enjoyed this more when I was younger. Or if I was a boy. 
7. Anna Karenina
8. Around the World in 80 Days {read January 2018)

9. Best of AW Tozer
10. Crime and Punishment
11. Don Quixote
12. Dracula
13. East of Eden
14. Emma (reread)
15. Great Expectations (reread)
16. Gulliver’s Travels
17. Heart of Darkness
18. Madame Bovry
19. Mansfield Park (reread)
20. Mere Christianaity
21. Moby-Dick
22. My Antonia {read 2017}

23. My Name is Asher Lev (reread)
24. Northanger Abby (reread){read Oct 2015}
Not my fav Austen, but it’s her first one written and her others are fabulous so it makes up for it!
25. Oliver Twist
26. Pride & Prejudice (reread) {read Jan 2014} {re-reading 2018}
Always good. Always will re-read this one.
27. Persuasion (reread) {reread July 2014} *audiobook
My very first Austen read, and still my very favorite. 
28. Pilgram’s Progress
29. Romeo & Juliet
30. Sense & Sensibility (reread)
31. The Canterbury Tales
32. The Catcher in the Rye
33. The Heaven Tree
34. The Hobbit
35. The Last Battle
36. The Old Man and The Sea
37. The Portrait of a Lady
38. The Power and the Glory
39. The Red Badge of Courage
40. The Return of the Native
41. The Scarlet Letter
42. The Tale of Two Cities (reread)
43. The Weight of Glory
44. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz {read Dec 2013} *audiobook
Not scary like I remember from the movie. Aaron loved it and giggled through it often! 
45. Through the Looking Glass
46. Till We Have Faces
47. To Kill a Mocking Bird {read Dec 2015} 4 stars

48. Treasure Island
49. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
50. Washington Square

Additional classic’s I’ve read:

51. Raggedy Andy Stories  {Jan 2014}
52. The Three Musketeers {read Feb 2014}*audiobook
Was not a fan of this Dumas book. I love the Count of Monte Cristo, this one did not compare.
53. Parnassus on Wheels {read June 2014}
Such a fun good little book! Definitely doesn’t read like it was written in 1917! 
54. The Hunchback of Notre-Dame {Aug 2014} *audiobook
I listened to the abridged version and really felt like I missed out on too much back story. I will probably come back to this one again and read the entire thing. 
55. The Giver {Aug 2014} *audiobook
I read this before the movie came out, but even though the book was well done I don’t think I’ll watch the movie. A life with no such thing as love, not knowing your real parents, scary kind of life.
56. I Captured the Castle {Sept 2014} *audiobook
57. A Little Princess {read Dec 2014}*audiobook
So, so good! The story is different than the Shirley Temple movie. Can’t believe I didn’t read this as a child!
58. The Snow Queen {read Dec 2014} *audiobook
The movie Frozen I heard was based off this book. But apparently VERY loosely based!
59. Beauty {read Jan 2015} 4 stars
60. Heidi {read May 2015} 2 stars
The translation and edition I read aloud to the kids was by far TOO abridged. A great deal of the original story was omitted. I will go back and reread a non-abridged version and I’m sure be able to give it more stars.
61. Rebecca {read July 2015} 4 stars

62. Little House in the Big Woods {read Oct 2015} 4 stars

63. Hannah Coulter {read Dec 2015} 4 stars

64. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory read-aloud {read Dec 2015}

65. A Town Like Alice {read March 2016}

66. Owls in the Family {read March 2016} read aloud

67. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle {read March 2016} read aloud

68. Emily of New Moon {read April 2016}

69. Little House on the Prairie {read April 2016} read aloud

70. Gift From the Sea {read May 2016}

71. The Invisible Man {read June 2016}

72. Understood Betsy {read July 2016} read aloud

73. On The Banks of Plum Creek {read August 2016} read aloud

74. Angle of Repose {read September 2016} 

75. Betsy-Tacy {read Nov 2016} 

76. And Then There Were  None {read Dec 2016} 


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