If You Give A Mom A Book

We ready many books through our week. I’m choosing to blog about this one:

I thought it was going to be a much different experience than it was. When I read about Granola Mom’s new meme. I was so excited and began dreaming about curling up with some amazingly sustaining books to read with my children.

Hmm… maybe that dream will happen… but maybe sometime way in the future. In reality my son is 2 and my daughter is one day shy of 10 weeks.

Our story time looked more like this:

Me on the couch in the front room.
Bright sun-shinny day.
Miss L sleeping upstairs.
Waiting for Mr. A to jump into my lap so we could cuddle and read.
Mr. A was more interested in climbing and flipping himself all. over. the. couch.
And running in and out of the room, throwing toys around.
The last place he wanted to be was sitting still in my lap.
I read the book aloud.
I think he heard it.
I think he looked at a few of the pictures.
I tried to talk to him about the book. He was more interested in playing and moving.
This was a new book. He likes animals. We have a garden. They drink tea. I thought he might be interested.
I didn’t remember some parts of it. I’d like to find the full version and read the whole story.

While I was pregnant we would lay on his bed and read books for 30 min, sometimes a full hour! What happened to that boy? Maybe I just caught him at the wrong time for this book. Maybe the pictures weren’t bright and colorful enough.

I’m learning.
And I KNOW Mr. A is learning every day.
I will continue to read to him. No matter where he’s sitting -or running/jumping/playing.

Thanks Granola Mom for starting this! I’d love to hear what you are reading to your children! Link up and join the fun!

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  • Conny

    I've always enjoyed Beatrix Potter. :) I'm sure your son was just not in the mood to be still … I remember mine being that way sometimes too … and then later, he'd get all cuddly & be ready to read. You just have to figure them out!
    PS I looked up THE REST OF GOD on Christian Book Distributors. Thank you for the recommendation.

  • melanie

    Just don't take it personally =) You'll find some more cuddly moments I'm sure. And Miss L is not too young to listen :-)

  • GranolaMom4God

    Oh Sarah!!!! I know that this probably isn't funny to you right now, but your post had. me. in. stitches. this morning! Thanks for making me smile. I love your honsty. And reading stustainable books can be a challenge. Perhaps it wasn't a book that would make A. stay wedged in one place for a long time. But keep trying. Read it again this week and see what happens. what is his favorite food? You can resort to bribery! I have!

  • Mamma James

    Boys on the move sometimes catch more than when they are concentrating on sitting in one place! Ask him questions about what you read afterwards to help reinforce what the story was about and just see him "hearing" more than what you realized! :) So fun!!! I'll be posting too soon on a Sustaining Book we have read!