30 Days of Thanks – Day 13

I am thankful for…

1. I’m thankful for the mommy group I was invited to this morning!
2. my grandma… we talked for almost an hour on the phone! I wish we lived closer -4 states is SO far!
3. my mom who came to watch A while I went to pick up my food at the co-op! I remember when going out with just one baby was nerve-racking, today it felt like a breeze!
4. my crockpot, and dinner ready w/ so little prep-work.
5. my son, who is growing up so fast. which makes me happy but also makes me thankful for these long days b/c I know they will be gone soon.
6. my Bible. I’m working on memorizing more scripture and even Aaron almost has his first verse memorized!! and he’s only TWO so I know I can do it! (he’s learning 1 John 4:8)
7. my big comfy couch. (not to be confused with the annoying TV show (sorry if you liked it)) I’ve been camping and backpacking w/o comfy seating and tonight I’m really appreciating the invention of couches!
8. the rain. Even though it was a dreary day, rain makes me calm.
9. my rocking chair. Miss. L usually goes to bed w/o needing or wanting anything… but tonight she wanted momma to hold her until she fell asleep… which I did not mind one bit!
10. my steeping cup and my hot tea

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  • Conny

    oh – a comfy couch, some tea … and hopefully SOON I can add rocking a baby to my list of favorite things too!! :)
    It rained all day here too – unfortunately I had to drive in it :( But I am thankful for safe travels.

  • Mamma James

    I love how you are thankful for the long days and how you see that they will be gone soon…you have rebuked me! :) You have grown into having two kids!!! I know this because you said going out with one seems very easy! Ha! It's it funny how things change? Now you know how I have four and can just manage…most of the time! Going out w/ three has somehow become a breeze! Lol! Thank you for sharing what you are thankful for.

  • GranolaMom4God

    I enjoyed the rain, too!

  • GranolaMom4God

    I want it. I want your steeping cup!