30 Days of Thanks – day 15

I am thankful for…

1. a little time out tonight to getting my hair cut
2. small coloring hands… even if they are covered in marker :-)
3. iTunes… I love that I can buy just the songs I want to play and not the whole cd
4. I have more memory in my computer now! (too bad I can’t buy memory for my brain 😛 )
5. getting to see some Christmas lights while I was out driving! It made me smile.
6. having clean clothes… even if they aren’t folded or put away
7. getting to read a little bit of my book. (I’m really getting to the good part, I’m at ch. 52 of P&P)
8. these 15 days of thankfulness. They’ve helped me have a better outlook on things!
9. the workout time I got with Jillian -I made it thru the whole thing!
10. two new mugs! Perfect for some hot tea or chai!

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  • GranolaMom4God

    Since you got 2 new mugs, I'll take your tea steeper!

  • Conny

    Really? Christmas light?? Wow! I haven't seen any … but I'm ready to!
    Isn't it wonderful to stop to be thankful for the "little things" – like hair cuts, a new mug, clean clothes (mine aren't put away either!).

  • momof3munchkins

    I saw Christmas lights today too! Makes me excited for the holidays!