If You Give A Mom A Book

If You Give A Mom A Book

This week’s book’s story time went much better than last week.

This week we read…
Story and Pictures by Don Freeman

…and this week daddy was part of our story time. (I snuck out to get my camera) We actually read this book MANY times! Miss. L was around for a few readings. (Just not this one when I happened to snap a pic.) Often, we read in Mr. A’s room b/c it was his choice book before naps and bedtime. On his bed is one of my favorite places to read with him!

I’m so excited he’s now sitting for longer books. Not that he wasn’t sitting for them before, he would just close the book and say “all done” and ask for another one… one that had few words on the pages.

The story is about a bear, Corduroy, who sits on the shelf of a department store waiting for someone to take him home. One day, a little girl sees him and says, “Look! There’s the bear I’ve always wanted.” But he’s missing a button on his overalls and doesn’t look new her mom won’t let her get him. So that night Corduroy ventures out into the store in search of his missing button. I loved this story as a child, if you haven’t read it head to the library and find out how it ends!

I like that even tho I don’t “look new” or have it all together with a perfect life and house and kids that God paid the price for ME! Like the little girl in the story, God has always wanted ME… and I am His!

I liked that the little girl’s mom didn’t let her have Corduroy when she first saw him in the store. But she went home, slept on it, and then came back the next day and bought him with her own money. She seems like a smart mom.

I’m not sure what Mr. A liked best about the story. He has a bear… it was my husband’s bear when he was little. It is a well loved bear and also does not look new. So maybe that’s it.

Or maybe it’s the adventure Corduroy goes on while looking for his lost button. Mr. A likes to play hide and seek games with little toys. I think we’ll have to get a button and play hide and seek- Corduroy style!

Or maybe he likes it because Corduroy finds a friend. Mr. A knows some sign language and “friend” is a sign I’ve showed him for a long time -he just has yet to sign it himself. We talked about his friends and I tried to get him to do the sign, but he just giggles. :-)

Corduroy is a great story and will stay on our shelf for many years to come!

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  • GranolaMom4God

    I love it! What a precious picture! Now did you randomly choose this book or have you started FIAR? There is a whole series of Curduroy books. I just love those old fashioned books.

  • melanie

    Corduroy was always a favorite here =)
    There are even some .old. vhs-videos from 'CCC' is all I can think of (the intro is always an RV driving with their theme music)… most are old-style animated, but the Corduroy video they have real people acting it out — cute! (found the videos at the PL)