30 Days of Thanks – day 27


Today I am thankful for…

~ a shower before either child was up
~ time in the Word before they were up too
~ quite massage time with Miss L -I think one of her favorite things! this is when she is most talkative!
~ making a HUGE batch of yummy flax-nut butter-banana waffles to freeze so we can have our own healthy leggo-my-eggos! And I love my son thinks they taste best with applesauce or strawberry kefir on top! (wish I ate that healthy… maple syrup is still my fav)
~ counting down to Christmas! (I love countdowns! I love Christmas!)
~ reading ALL five chapters of 1 John in one sitting!
~ getting some free time to finally put away 3 full laundry baskets of clean clothes! The Fly Lady would not be impressed with my laundry method.
~ my husband. It’s been fun listening to him make calls about getting their recording finished up and CDs printed. (I got a sneak peak of their cover… I love it!)
~ a nice warm-for-November afternoon and trip to the park!
~ raw almonds

From the Heart of My “Haus”

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  • Conny

    oh, good! You're still going!! I've been thinking of things I'm thankful for too … but haven't written a blog entry yet … maybe today! I'm glad it's become a habit!