a real tree.

our Christmas tree now stands in the front room

this year we got a REAL tree

it smells WONDERFUL!

tonight I sat next to it
in the rocking chair
with a blanket
a book
and hot tea.

it was very nice!

in the back ground I could hear my husband and their band leader (is that what I call him?? maybe head-honcho-man-in-charge. “band leader” makes me think of a high school marching band. which they are not.) discussing things like options for getting there CD printed and copyright info.

my sister thinks they have a U2-ish sound.

I always knew he’d be in a band again someday.

I’m excited to support him on this path. (even if it means another night out practicing) (there might be times you need to remind me I said this)

I like our tree!

this is the only ornament currently hanging in it’s branches.

(which are SO soft!)

Mr. A hung it with a huge smile of joy spread across his face.

he’s saying more and more long sentences every day.

but all he said today, when looking and smiling at the tree, was “oooooh”

I like that “oooooh”

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  • Hi! My name is Janet.

    ooh. i like your tree ornament picture :)

  • melanie

    I agree, "ooooh" =)

    Ours just has lights so far – and it smells so good too!

  • GranolaMom4God

    I like your post! You are become quite professional in this craft. Can I please please please have a CD? I'll pay a million dollars?

  • Conny

    I had to say "oooooooooooh" – great post – great tree! :)

  • Mamma James

    I like your pictures! I like watching the pictures people post so that I can get some good photography tips! I dream of being able to take some AWESOME shots, but I don't think I am there yet!!! I also love the moment you shared of sitting by the tree with a book, tea and blanket…I could feel myself there too! :) Nice!!!